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7x.com.tr Ranking Report

7x.com.tr Report regarding ranking and popularity. This report contains the website traffic, revenue, position in serps, important keywords, alexa & google rank, adsense pub id, graphs and as well as outbound links, inbound links, country location on map, popular countries in traffic, etc about the domain 7x.com.tr. This domain has a world wide rank: #512577. Google page rank of 7x.com.tr is 2. The domain 7x.com.tr has the title: 7x - ProjeX - XNetwork - XDükkan - XClub - XMarket - XÜrün - XTicaret - ProjeX Nedir - XNetwork Nedir - Xticaret - Network marketing - Satış ortaklığı 7x.com.tr. Internet service is provided by TeknoAS Bilisim Teknolojileri Ltd STI to the servers of 7x.com.tr. This ISP is run by Netdirekt A.S.. More information about this website is located in this page.

Meta Tags of 7x.com.tr. the title, description and keywords


7x - ProjeX - XNetwork - XDükkan - XClub - XMarket - XÜrün - XTicaret - ProjeX Nedir - XNetwork Nedir - Xticaret - Network marketing - Satış ortaklığı 7x.com.tr

7x.com.tr Rankings by alexa and google More Information Alexa and google are the two most commonly used websites which shows the popularity of 7x.com.tr among other websites on the internet. These websites provide a rank to each website on the internet. The ranking number which is assinged to each domain by alexa is called the alexa rank. Each site on the internet has its unique alexa rank through which alexa sorts the websites by popularity. Google has some other system for giving ranking to websites, google calculates the page rank of 7x.com.tr through their different algorithms, these algorithms are used to give rank to each site, and this rank by google is called the page rank. You can check these informations below.
Alexa Rank: 512577
Page Rank: 7x.com.tr Page rank
Popular Pages Analysis of 7x.com.tr More Information Pages detected to be healthy by content, and holding a good seo score, user engagement etc will show up below.
Sr. Pages
Top 10 Keywords of 7x.com.tr More Information The following top 10 keywords are those keywords in which 7x.com.tr competes with other similar sites and appears on the top as compared to other websites. These top 10 keywords are listed below:
Sr. Keyword
1 xticaret
2 xdükkan
3 xnetwork
4 x proje
5 x dükkan
6 xticaret geliri
7 7x projex
8 7xblog
9 7x com tr
10 x ticaret
7x.com.tr Outbound Links. More Information These are those links which are present on a webpage and these links are not the site's own links. These are the links of other websites or other website's webpages. Google recommends to have a less number of outbound links to increase SEO score and not to transfer link juice to any other websites as much as you can.
Sr. Links
HTML Tags Analysis of 7x.com.tr More Information HTML tags being used in the web site. we are displaying all html tags we found on index page of the domain.
P: 1TITLE: 1
SCRIPT: 44A: 30
IMG: 15UL: 4
LI: 15BR: 5
More Websites On IP: More Information If there is any website in the following list, then this means that 7x.com.tr is sharing its ip address with one or more websites. If a domain has no ip shared with others, then this means that a website is using a dedicated server and it has only one site on one server. however one or more sites shares the ip of 7x.com.tr then 7x.com.tr is using a shared/vps server
7x.com.tr is the only site on IP:
DNS Records of 7x.com.tr More Information DNS (domain name server) is that server which your isp gives you to set in the domain registrar so that your isp may point your site to your server when the dns gets resolved. Example Name servers are: ns1.7x.com.tr, ns2.7x.com.tr, ns3.7x.com.tr.

There are total 5 DNS records for 7x.com.tr. These 5 DNS records include 2 (NS) Name sever record, 1 (A) record, 1 (SOA) start of authority record, 1 (MX) Mail Exchange record and 0 (TXT) TEXT record.

Host Type Target / IP TTL Other
7x.com.tr A 86398 host:7x.com.tr
7x.com.tr NS ns1.netpay.com.tr 43198 host:7x.com.tr
7x.com.tr NS ns2.netpay.com.tr 43198 host:7x.com.tr
Whois info of 7x.com.tr - WHOIS Information More Information Whois information is the details which shows that who is the owner of 7x.com.tr. This information is updated almost daily by the domain registrars and public whois sources. Anybody can see the whois information of 7x.com.tr only if the owner has not hide his whois details. To hide this data, webmaster should attach whois guard with the particular domain name. Whois information also shows the ip address of the server , registrar name and website. This information also contains the technical details, business details and other contact methods for complaining, querying 7x.com.tr.
7x.com.tr sponsor/registrar is 7x.com.tr was registered on 2013-07-03 and will be expired on 2014-07-03
Name Servers: ns1.netpay.com.tr | ns2.netpay.com.tr
** Registrant: Netpay Bili
7x.com.tr Server Location More Information Where is 7x.com.tr is currently situated in?

7x.com.tr Location Map

ISP: TeknoAS Bilisim Teknolojileri Ltd STI
Organization: Netdirekt A.S.
Country: Turkey
Latitude: 39
Longitude: 35
Countries Traffic Distribution of 7x.com.tr
Sr.CountryTrafficAlexa Rank
#17x.com.tr receives 93.8% traffic from Turkey Turkey93.8%10,262
Countries Distribution Map of 7x.com.tr More Information Listed those countries from which this site received traffic and are ordered by the number of visits from each country and the ranking given to the site in that country.
7x.com.tr's Indexed Pages Chart More Information Indexed Pages Charts Shows You Overall Progress Of Your Site's Indexed Page.
7x.com.tr's Page Rank Chart More Information Page Rank Charts Shows you Overall Progress Of your Site's Page Rank.
7x.com.tr's Load Time Chart More Information Load Time Charts Shows you Overall Progress Of your Site's Load Time.

7x.com.tr's Current Load Time is : 0.945 (Sec)

7x.com.tr Backlinks information. More Information Back links, as clear from the word, these links are on your back to support you in getting a good rank in serps. more backlinks means more chances of getting a good rank in google, yahoo and bing.

{doamin} Backlinks
Alexa Trends of 7x.com.tr Traffic Statistics More Information As mentioned above, alexa is a website which gives a unique rank to each website, so these graphs are provided by alexa for checking the rank of 7x.com.tr in the past days, months, years, and even from the time it has been founded. No body controls the alexa rank himself, no one can increase or decrease the alexa rank by fake methods. This rank is calculated automatically by gathering the data about how and what people surf on their browsers. Usage data is only collected from the computers who have installed one of the toolbar from alexa. The more alexa toolbar users, the more alexa rank increases.
  • Rank
  • Visits
  • PageViews
  • PageViews/User
  • Bounce %
  • Time On Site
  • Traffic rank for 7x.com.tr is caculated using both average daily visitors and pageviews worldwide.

7x.com.tr Compete & World Ranking (Alexa) More Information Alexa and compete are working for collecting visitors information from a browsing behaviour of humans like you and us. These stats are collected by their addons for browsers. If you install alexa bar , then alexa will instantly start collecting your browsing information that which websites you are visiting, and how many times you visited the same page in a complete day/24 hours. Then they manipulate this data to make graphs for easy viewable format for users.

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